Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hello there, today's post is about the Game Boy Camera!
I must say that the Game Boy Camera was my favorite tool for the Game Boy.
I remember using this to take pictures with my friends, with my sisters and you were able to print them out with the Game Boy Printer.

The Game Boy Printer uses Thermal Paper so it doesn't need ink (but it will eventually fade with time). Until now it wasn't possible to move picture from the Game Boy Camera to your Computer but few days ago I found out a really amazing tool: The BitBoy! The BitBoy is a cool tool that allows you to download pictures from the Game Boy Camera to an SD-Card!

In The Box you can find the BitBoy, 3’ Game Boy Link Cable, 4GB SD-Card, MicroUSB Charging Cable + DMG Link Cable ! (link to the store)
"CartWheel neatly flips your Game Boy Camera cartridge upside down, for use with Game Boy Advance SP. CartWheel ALSO works with all Game Boy / Game Boy Color games, too! Use CartWheel to flip Kirby Tilt n' Tumble, Pokemon Pinball, Perfect Dark, and other cartridges for ease of use with Game Boy Advance SP!"
"BitBoy is the first-ever SD-Card port for Nintendo's Game Boy Camera. This device enables ultra-fast data transfer straight from Game Boy Camera to SD-Card." gameboyphoto

The BitBoy is easy to use , all you have to do is to connect the Game Boy to the BitBoy via Link Cable and then you have to plug in your Game Boy Camera or whatever game you want because you can also print things from games (Pokemon, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, etc)

I really hope you enjoyed this post! You can watch the video version here:

Stay nostalgic and bye! <3




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