Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hello everyone, it's NyeDav here! I got a box from Samurai Buyer and basically it's the very first Game Boy ever! Knowing that I was getting this, I decided to order a new shell.

If this Game Boy gets exposed to the sun or whatever they tend to become yellowish so you will find a lot of consoles on eBay etc even if they are in perfect condition they might get yellow just because of the plastic. That's why I decided to change the shell and get a new one , I got it for 8$ here!
screenshot from this video, Game Boy dmg-01
The game boy was first launched in 1989: in Japan it was April, in North America it came out some months later, and in Europe it came in 1990 because here in Europe we get everything one year later.
The Game Boy came in different colors too but the very first was the grey one and it usually came with Tetris. Redesigned versions were released in 1996 and 1998.
screenshot from this video, Game Boy Light
They redesigned the Game Boy: they made the Game Boy Pocket and the Game Boy Light that we never had because it never came out outside Japan. That's not fair at all, because actually it's a really cool console it has a blueish backlight screen and you can see and play the game at night, that would have been really handy especially because back then we had no such thing!

Just think about the Game Boy dmg-01 as the father of all the other nintendo consoles we have, this is what started everything! The screen is not the best, you need to be close to the light if you want to play this because otherwise it's really hard to see but I can see pretty well. As long as you have light, you should be fine.

So guys, I really hope you enjoyed this post! You can watch the video version here:

I must thank Samurai Buyer for being awesome and getting me this awesome console.
 Let me know in the comments of the video what was your first console and game.

In my case, my first console was the NES and my first games were "Little Nemo: The Dream Master", "Duck Hunt" and "Super Mario Bros" of course...always.

Stay Nostalgic like me that I'm obsessed with old stuff and I'll see you all in the next post.



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